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Insurance FAQ

For practice billing questions please call (404) 303-7520.

Billing for Laboratory Procedure

All laboratory procedures are billed separately from your physician appointment. If you have questions about your laboratory bill, please call the laboratory directly using the listed number on your bill or EOB.

Insurance Provider Information

Insurance Provider Information

  • For the convenience of our patients, Atlanta Women’s Health Group doctors participate with many health plans and insurance companies.
  • Not all doctors or locations may be participating in every plan. We may not participate in all the plans offered by a company. Please contact your insurance carrier for specific coverage information.
  • We are NOT a Medicare provider.

Decoding your coverage:

  • Deductibles are paid out of pocket and must be satisfied each year before insurance pays. Each family member usually has a separate deductible.
  • Co-Payments are out of pocket flat fees charged each time you visit the doctor or use any medical service.
  • Co-insurance requires you to pay a percentage of your visit fee.
  • Maximum out of pocket expense is the most you will have to pay before your insurance begins to pay 100%

Billing FAQs

Q. What is copay, coinsurance, and deductible?
A. This is the balance your insurance deems is your responsibility per your insurance contract.

Q. What if I believe my insurance should have paid my balance?
A. You should contact your insurance company in this case. It is best to know the exact service date when calling them. If you are told the claim will be reprocessed, please ask how long it will take and then advise us of the information by calling 404-303-7520.

Q. What is a "COB" issue?
A. Often times, an insurance company will update their records on an annual basis. This includes verifying that you and/or your dependents are covered under just one health plan. This information can be updated only by the insured, not us. If we submit a claim and it is denied for this reason, your statement will reflect that additional information is needed from you. You will then need to call your insurance company and answer their questions over the phone. You will also need to advise them to reprocess any claims they have denied for this reason. We will continue to bill you for these services until they are resolved.

Q. Can I make a credit card payment over the phone or online?
A. Yes! You can avoid sending your card information through the mail. We can take your information over the phone, process the payment, and mail a receipt to you.

Q. Why is circumcision care not covered under my insurance?
A. Please contact your insurance company and verify that your newborn has been added to your policy. You can then discuss further insurance questions at that time.


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